Exciting Ways to Launch Products

Here are so many new products being launched that is easy for some to get lost in the shuffle. That could mean low sales, wasted time and money on traditional campaigns, and even a failed product. With so much advertising vying for the attention of customers, making a product stand out takes some ingenuity, creative brand activation, and precise event planning. Brand activation is developing strategies and activities that will provide a tangible connection between the brand and the targeted audience. Finding exciting ways to launch products that will create a physical or emotional response for the customer, using as many senses as possible, will give the brand instant traction within the market.

A new shampoo that smells like the beach, for example, can be launched at an event set up to allow people to wash their hair and comment on the feel and smell of it when they are finished. Another idea would be to set up a portable salon on the beach and have stylists wash people’s hair for them. Participants will feel pampered, they will mention the experience to family and friends, and post it on social media. Send them home with a bottle of the shampoo, and they will look for it in stores when that is all gone. The free advertising and buzz created for that product promotion will be well worth every marketing dollar spent on the event. The strategy of brand activation is part of a set of fresh marketing strategies, referred to as experiential marketing.

That begs the question, What Is Experiential Marketing? It is a set of strategies that involves customers in the production and creation of marketing programs. It is live marketing that makes a connection between the product and the customer. It allows the product to stand out among the competition, and get people invested in its success. If someone gives suggestions for packaging, for example, they will be more likely to look for that product and purchase it rather than buy the competitors’ brand. They will also tell all their friends to purchase that brand as well. Live marketing works best, but the strategies also have success on social media in the form of instagrams and tweets.

More and more marketing dollars are being spent on innovative approaches because people have shorter attention spans, television and radio commercials are becoming obsolete with streaming and satellite radio stations, and the same old advertising is getting boring. Spending fewer advertising dollars and getting more mileage out of activities and events, makes these strategies more popular with businesses.

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